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Blue Mill News

Blue Mill News


As part of its commitment to quality product, service and policy, ADNAN KHUDARI & SONS TRADING CO. (blue mill) takes great care to ensure all operational procedures are regularly being updated and developed in order to expand itself on the basis of internationally recognized standards. ADNAN KHUDARI & SONS TRADING CO. (blue mill) takes the following quality standards as its guidelines.

ISO 9001

ISO 22000 food safety management system


ADNAN KHUDARI & SONS TRADING CO. (blue mill) knows that quality service can only be achieved through choosing the right suppliers in all areas and maintained through running advanced training programs. We strongly believe the international quality standards will guide us to assimilate and develop our current quality policy. Thus, ADNAN KHUDARI & SONS TRADING CO. (blue mill) equally cares about its customers, employees and manufacturing environment. The above certifications are the results and verification of an ongoing development process rather than being mere documents.